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Aharon Yehoshua

Elef Dorot

פרטים נוספים

Need to warn the world, historys repeatin itself. This is the #GenesisWar, we're living the next Torah story, the world is like the times of Abraham and Noah, I'm just a messenger.

Israel needs to create a new international court to judge the UN, red cross, WHO, corrupt leaders of corporations, banks, judges, n politicians, muslims who fund terrorism n spread hatred & persecution. Davos, if you read investigative journalist Anand Giridharadas, is a swamp, of billionaire philanthropists perpetuatin the problems in the world, humanitarian bandaids which never truly want to solve the cancer of corruption.
Dictators in Malaysia, china, Russia, Iran, Qatar, turkey..etc

We need to hold them accountable not just for Oct 7th, the canary in the coal mine of the corruption that's spread. For 500+ million Africans living in poverty while their natural resources are extracted for our cell phones, teslas, etc=neocolonialism. Ppl all over the world are persecuted, exploited, used as slaves, and thrown away.
This is what Zionism stands for, endin persecution: end to greed, senseless hatred, and snobbism. utopia is achievable in our lifetime.

God'll send the Moschiach in our lifetime.
Are you with me? for the next elef dorot /1000 generations

בקשה כלשהי מהציבור?

פרטי קשר


Aharon Yehoshua

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