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Israel Tech Guard

Israel Tech Guard

פרטים נוספים

Israel Tech Guard was established on the seventh day of October 2023, when the Gaza Strip under the authority of Hamas launched a surprise attack without any Israeli provocation, during which a thousand long-range missiles were fired, hundreds of terrorists infiltrated the State of Israel from the air, land, and sea. The terrorists slaughtered Israeli civilians, soldiers, and kidnapped soldiers and civilians to the territories of the Gaza Strip. Citizens who locked themselves in their homes - their homes were burned.

The Israel Tech Guard group is an initiative of Israeli developers, providing a home for technological civil initiatives to assist the citizens of the country and the various security agencies.

We operate on a Discord server and work as a company: the group has matrix management of technological teams: software engineers, image processing, data science, machine learning researchers, fullstack engineers, analysts, product people, project management people, and more.

The group works in cooperation with the Israeli security agencies.
To join the group, contact one of the admins. We distribute links with short validity to a limited number of people. After registration, they go through a strict verification process, and are divided into work teams.

We need brilliant minds - we will win with you.

**Urgent Call for Experienced Tech Leaders to Join Israel Tech Guard!** ??

We need VPRDs who can commit to an 80% position and have a track record of leading end-to-end tech projects. We have pressing operational tasks at hand, and our current capacity isn't meeting the critical timelines. With lives, including those of kidnapped children, hanging in the balance, we can't afford delays.
We're asking for your help in this vital mission. If you or someone you know fits the description below and is ready to participate in some of the most significant operations they will ever undertake, please reach out immediately.

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