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Israeli tech delivers, no matter what

[לא צוין ארגון]

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We are sure you’ve been getting a lot of messages over the last two+ weeks from investors, partners, or customers, asking how you’re doing, and more importantly, how the COMPANY is doing.

For that reason, and in order to strengthen the global positioning of Israeli Tech and instill confidence among global customers, We are launching a special campaign, under the slogan: “Israeli tech delivers, no matter what.

The website contains:
* FAQs and important messages on the situtaion
* A banner to post on LinkedIn + social post drafts
* You can even add your logo to the Figma file

בקשה כלשהי מהציבור?

How can you help?
• Share on Linkedin
• Ask your CEO/C-level to do the same.

?? Thanks in advance!

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